Visit with Aunt Sylvia (Porter) Glencoe, Kentucky on August 15, 1965

    My father's Aunt Sylvia (his mother's sister) had sent me considerable information about my family.  She was considerably younger that her sister and had not moved away from area in Kentucky, where she was born.  She took me to several family locations that I photographed. 

Ora L. Judy apprenticed as clerk at the bank in Glencoe, Kentucky under Opal Bulwer.  Apparently, my father, Opal Bulwer Judy, was named after him.  I believe that this is an image of building that was the bank where Ora L. Judy learned to be a banker.

Homestead of Samuel Brackinridge Poland on Eagle Hill Road in Kentucky.  He is standing to the right of post.  I assume that women on right is is Rebecca Agnes Ellis, who he married on October 29, 1879. According to Aunt Sylvia, the person next to Samuel Poland is a hired hand.  I assume the girl next to the hired hand is Lilllian Morton Poland, my father's mother (Born October 27, 1882).