6. Radiation dose evaluations

            Radiation dose evaluations are another major activity of medical physicists.  Radiation dose and noise are strongly linked so some of these presentations are duplicates of presentation in the medical image quality topic.

1979 Effect of slice thickness on depth dose distribution of a CT scan
1981 Dosimetry of radiological procedures and dose reduction in diagnostic radiology
2001 Radiation Risk from Lung Cancer Screening Using CT- RSNAPoster
2003 AAPM Poster - Chest radiography surface doses
2008 The Measurement, Reporting, and Management of Radiation Dose in CT  AAPM Report 96
2008 AAPM Poster Surface doses of phantom and shaped filter model
2010 CTDI in NLST  Cody AJR paper
2010 AAPM Poster  NLST Chest X-ray Skin Exposures
2010 RSNA NLST Chest X-ray Effective Dose
2011 Effective dose CT dose - NLST  Fred Larke CT Dose Paper AJR
2013 Effective Dose: NLST PA Chest X-ray R Kueger PA Chest Dose Paper AJR

    There a radiation-dose presentations in Commentary that do not have any original radiation dose data.  They are educational and opinion.