Lesion detection and signal-to-noise ratio in CT images

Judy PF, Swensson RG, Szulc M.  Lesion detection and signal-to-noise ratio in CT images.  Med Phys.  198l;8:13-23.

This was my first collaboration with Dick Swensson.  We used LROC task to evaluate detectability.  We used the "search" model developed by Starr and other. The search model was derived from the m-alternative forced choice task.  The model assumed m discrete, independent locations, one of which might contain a target.  My interest was to develop a physical prediction of psycho-physical measure of detectability of compact lesion in CT noise in order to design optimum CT reconstruction kernels.  My thought was to use an m-alternative task, varying m to increase the range of precise measurement of human detectability.   
Philip Judy,
Dec 25, 2008, 8:09 AM