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Reprints and presentations

Philip F. Judy's PubMed Publications

         The reprints of my publications and copies of my presentations are organized by topics.  The topics approximate the history of my interests.  I am uploading this material as needed and as I have the time.  The reprints of my publication were scanned into PDF starting in 2001, when I disposed of the paper reprints.

1. Bone mineral measurement  - Dual energy measurements of bone mineral content were the topic of my thesis that I completed in 1971.  These publications describe my continued interest in the topic.

2.  Image detectors - Micro channel plate, pressurized noble gas detectors, and film-screen detectors

3. Medical image quality Measurements of spatial resolution, noise, and the contrast scale of CT scanners.

4. Medical image perception - My image quality measurements evolved into investigations of medical image perception.  The basic question is how can image quality measurements predict the utility of medical images?

5. CT applications - Collaborations with physicians developing CT applications.

6. Radiation dose evaluations - Radiation dose evaluations are another major activity of medical physicists.  Radiation dose and noise are strongly linked so some of these presentations are duplicates of presentation in the medical image quality topic.