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Notes on using LROC Programs

1.  User needs the contingency matrix of LROC data.  Computer programs are not provided to score rating/location reports.

2.  User input contingency matrix responding to prompts from the terminal.  The user will provide a name for a file, which is created by the program and will be used as input to the fitting procedure.  This program is invoked by typing inputlroc. Sample run of inputlroc - One target distribution

3.  User executes the fitting program.  The some results of the fitting procedure will be output on the terminal as a log of the process for the observer to follow.  The fitting procedure will be able to create a file (text file) of the results.  This program is invoked by typing lrocfitc_new. Sample run of lrocfinc_new

4.  User will output the results by reading or printing the file created by the fitting procedure. Sample output