5. Background and Articles of Possible Interest

The validity and use of computed tomography attenuation values.

Williams G, Bydder GM, Kreel L.

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Seems to be general article. Early in history of CT

Considerable investigation of:

1.  CT number of liver - fatty and iron content

2.  Bone density - measurement was reimbursed.

3.  Density corrections in radiation dose calculations (both for risk of diagnostic and radiation treatment planning).

Below are novel applications of measurements of CT numbers.

Computed tomography measurements of brain density in Schizophrenia.

Daniel DG, Kim E, Kostianovsky D, Goldberg TE, Casanova MF, Pickar D, Kleinman JE, Weinberger DR.

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Implications of rapid uniform density changes on hepatic computed tomography.

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Accuracy of computed tomography attenuation values in the characterization of pleural fluid: an ROC study.

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